Quick & Easy Kiki's Delivery Service Couples Costume

Matt and I attended Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland a couple weeks ago. We always try and wear costumes but sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas. This year we put together quick and easy Kiki's Delivery Service costumes.

I dressed up as Kiki and Matt dressed up as Tombo. For Matt's costume he got a red and white stripe shirt and fake glasses from Amazon. He paired those with a pair of jeans he already owned and cuffed the bottoms to get the capri look like Tombo.

For my Kiki costume I found this perfect navy scoop neck dress on Amazon. I wasn't 100% sure what size I should get and I ended up getting a large but it ended up being too big. I probably should have got a medium or even a small. To help with how big it was I brought the sides in a bit with my serger. Two things I love about this dress is that it perfectly looks like Kiki's dress and is casual and can be worn year round.

I found the witches broom at a Spirit Halloween store and the red purse and shoes I already owned. The red bow was made from a little bit of red felt and I attached it with bobby pins.

To cover up my normally blue hair I found a cheap black short hair wig on Amazon. I think the wig was great for what I needed for the price. I did end up trimming the bangs and using a low temperature curler on it so it wasn't just stick straight. In person it looked and felt pretty good. I was pretty happy that it didn't start bugging me until the end of the night when it started digging into my forehead a bit. It did look extremely real in photos and I had a handful of friends and family asking if I had dyed my hair.

The costume wouldn't be complete without Jiji. I found this cute little stuffed animal Jiji on Amazon. I was hoping to find one that was a little bigger but all the listings I found online were little. It ended up being better that he was small because I was able to fit him into my purse with his head sticking out and I didn't have to hold him all night.

This costume was both super easy and a lot of fun to wear. I will definitely keep all the pieces so I can bring it out for a comfy and easy costume for conventions or events. If you put together a Kiki or Tombo costume I would love to see it! Tweet me or tag me in your photos.

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