Museum of Ice Cream | San Francisco

I got to visit the Museum of Ice Cream thanks to my amazing friend Elaine and it was wonderful. Every room is filled with bright colors and joy. 

The San Francisco location is inside an old bank. The first room you visit even has the bank's vault that hasn't been seen by the public since the 1980s. The building's history added a cool element to the experience too. 

Most of the rooms had little facts about ice cream written on the wall and usually had to do with the rooms theme. But, let's be honest. I think most people visit for the sweet treats and photo ops. Which I also did a lot of.

Im not sure if the sweet treats are the same at every location but I was so happy when the first treat we got was a strawberry It's-It! There was also glittery cotton candy, mochi ice cream, Pop Rocks, and soft serve. I made the mistake of arriving to the Museum of Ice Cream without having eaten. So I was really feeling a sugar headache by the time we got out.

One of the most exciting parts of the Museum of Ice Cream is of course the sprinkle pool. It truly was amazing to see and super fun to jump into. 

There was really only a few downsides to the sprinkle pool: you didn't get too much time inside, you were with a pretty decent sized group of people, and there is probably a few gross things swimming around in there with you. We did find a few strangers hairs when picking up piles of it. But the bright colors of the rainbow sprinkles and weird feeling of pushing around in it made those few downsides nonexistent. I have no regrets from laying around in it.

Another part that was my favorite was the cool swing rooms that they had. This is purely there to get cool photos, which I totally did.

 Another super cool little room was a tiny crawl space that had walls, ceiling, and floor covered in tiny little mirrors, kind of like a disco ball. 

And that my friends is the Museum of Ice Cream. I had a lot of fun and filled up on sugary treats. I highly recommend going if you get a chance to. Yes it may mostly be a place to take a million photos of yourself but at the same time it is just 100% pure joy. The bright colors and fun interactive exhibits will definitely put a smile on your face and bring a bit of happiness to your daily life. 

What are your favorite ice cream flavors or sweet treats? Let me know in the comments below.

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