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My boyfriend and I recently made a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Matt had always wanted to visit and I was very interested. We planned ahead and booked a few different walking tours (all being ghost related). Even though we were only there for a couple days, we tried to fill up our days exploring as much as possible. Here are a few snapshots of our trip!

Edinburgh had a couple really pretty cemeteries. So Matt and I found ourselves strolling through them a lot. I also noticed that a lot of people would walk through the cemeteries to get to where they were going. We saw a lot of people on their way to work taking a shortcut through the cemetery. This was very fascinating to me since I have never really noticed this where I am from. People usually only go to cemeteries to visit loved ones. In one of the cemeteries we found one grave that said Thomas Riddell.

This trip was also the first time that I had heard about the story of Bobby. It seems like there are a few different versions but I just absolutely love that the memory of this dog is so strong that they have a statue, a pub, and a makeshift grave dedicated to him. I encourage you to look him up if you don't know the tale. It may not be 100% true but it will fill your heart with joy.

Two of my favorite tours we went on was The Ghost Bus Tour and the Ghostly Underground Tour with Mercat Tours. The Ghost Bus tour was great because it brought you to the different haunted areas, not much walking required. There are a few show bits but they are all done in fun.

The Ghostly Underground tour was also really fun and interesting. They took us into the Edinburgh Vaults that were created in 1788 but went unused after about 30 years and were finally uncovered in the 1980s. Being that far underground was super creepy and cool. The tour brings you and a group into a few different rooms where they tell you stories of what it used to be and who may be haunting it today. I could have spent a lot more time down there.

One of the nights we ate at a place called City Diner. Already missing the food at home we were excited to see what they served. I was craving a grilled cheese but sadly there wasn't one on the menu. By chance I asked our waitress if it would be possible to make one. After some explaining she said it would be no problem. This brought so much joy to my heart and I seriously couldn't thank her enough.

Edinburgh really is a beautiful place. I fell in love in the short time that we spent there. Walking through the old and cool streets inspired me so much. Everyone we met was so nice. I can't wait to visit again.

Have you visited Edinburgh? What was your favorite part? Let me know in comments below!

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