AJ's Favorites: True Crime Podcasts UPDATED: 08/07/18

I watch a lot of true crime and mystery documentaries and shows. But I didn't start listening to true crime podcasts until a couple years ago when Serial finished their first season. I was absolutely hooked! Sadly I wasn't very interested in the story in their second season. So I went on a hunt to find other true crime podcasts. On my hunt I found a couple that are very interesting and great listens.

Sword and Scale is the first podcast that I found during my search. Hosted by Mike Boudet, the podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of true crime and the criminal justice system. Boudet tells the story along with clips of 911 calls, court testimonies, and interviews that give you a deep look into the case. Sword and Scale also has a great website that also features lots of interesting stores to keep you busy for hours. Some of my favorite episodes include:

Thinking Sideways is a podcast that focuses on unsolved crimes and stories that is hosted by three friends Steve, Devin, and Joe. This would be a great listen for people who aren't into stories just about murder, lots of their episodes are just about weird stories that are unsolved. Each episode is usually lead by one of the hosts and they explain the stories and go through evidence, and at the end they go through their own personal theories that they have. I really enjoy the personalities of the hosts and many times find myself giggling at jokes that they tell. UPDATE: Thinking Sideways has sadly ended their podcast but you should still check them out because they have a long list of episodes you can catch up on. Here are some of my favorite episodes:

Casefile is another true crime devoted podcast but hosted by an anonymous male. Most of the stories are from overseas and are told by the host with some 911 interviews, interviews, and other clips weaved in.

What are your favorite true crime podcasts to listen to? Or what do you think about my three favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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