First Day of School OOTD

Hey everyone! September 1st marked my first day back to school. No, sadly I wasn't going to Hogwarts but that didn't stop me from wearing my Ravenclaw scarf. I thought a First Day of School OOTD would be a great way to start my new blog.

My first day included two classes, so I wanted to make sure I was comfy and warm. One of my classes is an Evolution of Horror Movie class. Which totally called for this amazing Texas Chainsaw Massacre shirt I found at San Diego Comic Con.

Also, since San Francisco is a chilly place, I threw on my Ravenclaw scarf and my favorite jean jacket that I have customized with a few of my favorite patches and pins. My newest additions are the "Threepio Stay Gold" and "Ghostbuster's Junk Food Lover" patches by La Barbuda and the "Whatever Forever" patch by Sara M. Lyons.

On my feet I decided to keep my comfy theme going with my favorite beat-up Dr. Marten boots. And I threw on some polka-dot tights and stripe socks since I love myself some patterns.

Thanks for checking out my first OOTD and blog post! What is your favorite horror movie? Let me know in the comments below.

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