Hello! My name is Amanda Jean and I am a big fan of Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, horror movies, and lots of other awesome nerdy things. I love to show my fandoms through my lifestyle, whether it be in my fashion, crafts, or massive amount of collections around my apartment. Along with visiting Disneyland as much as I can, I also attend a good amount of comic/pop culture conventions (i.e. Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, and New York Comic Con). 

Which is why I wanted to start this blog. A fun place to share my nerdy fashion, crafts, adventures, and more. I have been documenting parts of my life for a few years on my YouTube account but want to expand it more in this space. I hope you enjoy my adventures and check back to see new posts.


Amanda Jean!

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk about cool things, you can contact me in any of the forms below: